Home Medical Equipment

BayCare HomeCare offers a full range of medical equipment, assistive devices and oxygen and respiratory therapies to help you stay safe and independent as you recover or manage your health condition. We work closely with your physician and your insurance company to coordinate medically appropriate solutions for your health care needs.


Things to Know:

  • Delivery and setup: Some medical equipment will be provided upon discharge at the hospital and others may be direct shipped to your home. Larger or more complicated equipment will be hand delivered and installed or set up by an expert home health technician.

  • Education and training: Your home health care team will walk you through the proper use of your device.

  • Fittings: Some medical devices, such as wheelchairs, can be customized with cushion or other special fittings so that they’re more comfortable.

  • Repairs: Medical devices are designed to be durable but, like any other tool, they may break. If this happens, the equipment may need to be picked up for repair. 

Our team is knowledgeable about all our products and will be happy to answer any questions. Call us at (800) 940-5151.

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