Sleep Apnea Therapy and Devices

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) and Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) machines are available for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). These products are prescribed by physicians for patients who have been diagnosed with OSA. BayCare works with top manufacturers to service our patients with the latest and most up-to-date equipment and accessories in the ever-evolving world of sleep apnea science.

How do I order a sleep apnea machine?

An RX prescription for the PAP machine is needed from your physician to begin the process. Below you will find an order form link that your physician will need to complete. Additionally, a copy of your sleep study is needed. 

For patients seeking equipment qualification information for sleep apnea machines and supplies, please contact the BayCare HomeCare Respiratory Intake Department at (800)-940-5151 and select option 3.

I have a machine from another company and I just need supplies. How do I order them?

As every situation is unique, depending on insurance and supplies needed, please contact the BayCare HomeCare Respiratory Supply Team using the form on this page.

My machine is not working correctly. Who can I speak to? 

For all machine issues, please contact BayCare HomeCare Respiratory at (800)-940-5151, select option 3, and ask for assistance with a Respiratory Therapist.

I am having issues with my current mask. What can I do?

As everyone is unique, it may take some time to find a mask that works perfectly for you. We recommend that you visit the FAQ section for your mask on BayCare Direct. If this does not answer your question, please reach out to the BayCare HomeCare Respiratory Supply Team using the form on this page.

I need supplies but do not have insurance. Can I still order them?

Yes, if you are going through insurance, supplies can be ordered from the online store, BayCare Direct. Please be aware that you will need to have a valid prescription on file to purchase most pap supplies/equipment due to state and government guidelines.

For more information or to order supplies, please fill out the form below.