Nebulizer Therapy and Portable High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation Vest

Nebulizers are used to administer aerosol breathing treatments to help open your body’s airways. BayCare HomeCare offers a nebulizer compressor which is a small air pump with nebulizer circuit tubing attached so that medication is transformed into a fine mist. You inhale the medication into the lungs for the maximum therapeutic effect. 

Looking for replacement medication for Nebulizer therapy? 

Please contact your local pharmacy that normally handles your prescriptions.

Portable High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation Vest

High-frequency chest wall oscillation is an airway clearance technique in which external chest wall oscillations are applied to the chest using an inflatable vest that wraps around the chest. These devices use positive and negative pressure changes to increase peripheral and tracheal mucus movement toward the airway opening. High-frequency air pulses to the vest making oscillatory chest wall compressions, thinning mucus, and clearing airways.

For patients seeking equipment qualification information for Nebulizer Therapy and the Portable High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation Vest, please contact the BayCare HomeCare Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Intake Department at (800)-940-5151 and select option 3.


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