Power and Custom Wheelchairs

BayCare HomeCare provides specialty mobility devices such as custom manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, and power operative vehicles (also known as POV’s or mobility scooters). These items are typically a benefit included in most major insurance plans.

A power wheelchair is covered when all the following criteria are met:

Your condition is such that without the use of a wheelchair you would otherwise be bed or chair confined.
Your condition is such that a wheelchair is medically necessary, and you are unable to operate a wheelchair manually.
You are capable of safely operating the controls for the power wheelchair.
A patient who requires a power wheelchair usually is completely non-ambulatory and has severe weakness of the upper extremities due to a neurologic or muscular disease or condition. 

For patients seeking equipment qualification information for Powerchairs, Scooters, and Custom Wheelchairs, please contact the BayCare HomeCare Rehab Department at (800)-940-5151 and select option 3.

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