Insurance Plans Accepted

BayCare Health System Contracted Insurance Companies

If you have insurance, it is important to verify that your plan is accepted by your providers. The plans listed below reflect insurance plans contracted for BayCare Hospitals, Outpatient Surgery Centers and Outpatient Imaging Centers. Be sure to contact your individual insurer to verify coverage.  Not all providers accept the same insurance plans. Be sure to check with your providers before your procedure, if possible.

* BayCare works with Insurers from across the country. If you would like to confirm your coverage, please contact your plan. 

* Please contact (813) 852-3116 or your physician’s office if you would like an estimate of your financial responsibility for your planned hospital visit.

* Doctors and other health care practitioners providing health care services in BayCare facilities may not accept the same insurance plans as BayCare and may bill separately. Please contact your physician’s office to confirm plan participation.