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Convenience for You and Your Health Care Team

The BayCare patient portal, myBayCare, is your personal website for connecting to your online medical records. BayCare keeps your patient information in a secure electronic medical record so your doctors and nurses have faster and more complete access to your records while you are a patient with us. And, best of all, you can have direct access to your connect to your own records online, anytime you need them.

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Self-enrollment for myBayCare is available for BayCare patients who are age 18 or older. If you manage the health of a BayCare patient, talk to the patient's BayCare health care provider during their next visit so they may receive a personal invitation to myBayCare.

If you provided an email account during patient registration at a BayCare facility, you will also receive an email invitation to complete your myBayCare enrollment.

Features of myBayCare

  • Your personal health record, which includes any information you’ve provided about your health conditions, medications, supplements and allergies
  • Inpatient, outpatient, ER and lab results, along with discharge information
  • Bill pay options
  • Secure question submission regarding medical records, bills and other items
  • Physician search
  • Announcements
  • BayCare Health Events
  • BayCareAnywhere

BayCare Medical Group patients can also request prescription refills and view upcoming appointments through their myBayCare portal. is specifically for information collected and recorded during BayCare encounters and only reflects services provided by BayCare facilities. The Cure’s Act (2016) requires that we immediately release all test results to patients via the BayCare Patient Portal. Please be advised there is potential for patients to see results before their providers have reviewed them. We encourage patients to wait until their providers contact them to discuss results in order to avoid misinterpretation.

Winter Haven Hospital patients can view records for BayCare visits that occurred on or after June 1, 2015. Bartow Regional Medical Center patients can view records for BayCare visits that occurred on or after June 1, 2016.

For additional assistance with the BayCare patient portal, please call (888) 499-9003.

*Parents of patients newborn until age 12 may establish access to the BayCare patient portal on their child's behalf at the provider's office. Self enrollment isn't available at this time for those requesting access on behalf of others. Parents of patients ages 12 to 17 aren't permitted access to their child's information via our patient portal due to Florida privacy laws. Access expires on the day before the child's 12th birthday.  For patients ages 12 to 17, parents can still request copies of their child’s records by going to the Medical Records - BayCare website. 

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