Group Fitness and Specialty Classes

While it’s great to fall into a routine and get comfortable in the gym, sometimes you can plateau and a change is needed to make sure your body is continuing to evolve. BayCare Fitness Centers offer a diverse group of fitness classes to keep things interesting and to keep you on the right track. Another benefit to participating in our fitness programs is the social aspect of being able to make new friends in the community and motivate each other to be better. You may also find yourself getting lost in the class and having a better workout than you expected.

We provide a wide variety of classes including many variations of yoga, Pilates, step, kickboxing and aerobics. We also put together fun and interactive events. You can find schedules for all four of our locations below.

Please check back later for class schedules.

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  • Yearly screening of blood work including lipid profile 
  • State-of-the-art equipment for all your cardiovascular and strength training needs
  • Group fitness classes like Zumba, Yoga, HIIT, Cycle, Pilates, Step and more
  • Access to all BayCare Fitness Center locations

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