Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety

Passenger safety isn’t just about when your child is riding in the car, but also when you are loading and unloading the vehicle and helping your children in and out. Parents and drivers should be aware of where children are whenever a car is in motion, especially if children are younger than 4-years-old. Always remember to lock all doors, and never leave a child alone in the car for any length of time. To help parents remember they should place necessary items in the backseat next to their child.

Keeping Kids Safe in the Car

When traveling in the car there are specific requirements for each age group. Children under the age of 2 should have a rear-facing car seat. Children who weigh approximately 40 pounds or more can be transferred to a forward facing seat. Booster seats are used around age 4 or 5. Children 8 and older can use an adult safety belt, but should remain in the backseat until age 12. It’s important that your child is secured in the seat with the harness straps at the armpit or shoulder level.

Parents should always register their car seats in order to receive information about recalls or defects. The car seat manual and the vehicle manual are important resources for installing any car seat.

Bus Safety Tips

Eventually, children will be ready to go off to school, which may require them to ride a school bus. While school buses are difficult to miss, children are small and can easily underestimate their proximity to an approaching bus. Here are a few tips that will help make the trip to school safer for your children:

  • Try to walk your children to the bus stop in the mornings and meet them in the afternoons
  • Older children should walk in large groups
  • Make sure children do not play in the street
  • Tell your children to keep at least five steps back from the road
  • Tell your children to cross 10 feet in front of the bus

Further Information and Assistance

BayCare offers car seat inspections on a regular basis at numerous locations around Tampa Bay. Find a car seat class or event near you, or call (888) 487-0183 for more information.