Women's Health

Women's Health Services in New Port Richey, Florida

Morton Plant North Bay Hospital is dedicated to helping women stay healthy throughout each phase of their lives. We are proud to offer comprehensive range of women’s health services close to home so that you don’t have to go far for expert, compassionate care.

Surgical Services

Morton Plant North Bay hospital offers a wide range of surgical services for the treatment of breast cancer such as lumpectomy, mastectomy, breast reconstruction and sentinel lymph node biopsy.

Considered by many to be the new standard of care in determining the stage of breast cancer, sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy is an outpatient procedure available at Morton Plant North Bay Hospital.

How SLN biopsy is done

  • To identify the sentinel lymph node, the surgeon injects a radioactive solution or a blue, harmless dye into the tumor area.
  • The lymphatic system takes the dye or solution to the lymph nodes.
  • The surgeon uses a scanner to find the first node that picks up the solution, which is the sentinel node.
  • A small incision is made and the SLN is removed and checked for cancer cells.
  • If the node is cancer-free, no additional nodes are removed.

Digital Mammography

A mammogram is a safe, low-dose X-ray of the breast. Routine mammograms are the best screening tool available for breast cancer because they can detect changes in the breast long before any symptoms appear or any lumps can be felt. When tumors are found early, more treatment options are available. Schedule your mammogram online.  


Gynecological diagnostic testing such as laparoscopy and surgical services are available at Morton Plant North Bay. For outpatient services, routine exams and screenings, call (727) 462-7500 for a referral to a gynecologist.

Patients seeking more conservative treatments for incontinence and other pelvic floor issues can learn about noninvasive therapies and rehabilitation through BayCare’s Pelvic Health and Wellness program. Ask your physician about a referral to one of our specialists or one of our rehabilitation centers. You can also take our free, downloadable and printable Minute Quiz as the first step in improving your pelvic health.

For a physician referral for any of the above women’s health services, call (727) 462-7500 or find a doctor near you.

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