Bad Idea

Turning bad ideas into happy endings at our BayCare Urgent Care Centers

If you are a parent, have siblings, or have spent any time with a child, you know that kids always seem to do the unexpected. As a parent, you want to let kids “spread their wings”, but you want them to be safe too. That’s why it is good to know that no matter where you are in Tampa Bay; there is always a BayCare Urgent Care close by with extended hours on evenings and weekends. 

Billy is one of those kids of whom you should expect the unexpected. He has big dreams, but sometimes his big dreams are bad ideas. Watch below to see Billy’s bad idea.

Monica's homemade ladder is a bad idea. It's a good thing she knows about BayCare Urgent Care. Watch below to see Monica's bad idea.

You can even Save Your Spot at BayCare Urgent Care, so that you can skip the wait.