BayCare Digital Child Psychiatry™

For children needing help from a psychiatrist, we’ve come up with a way for them to be seen that’s a little more interesting than a routine office visit. BayCare’s Digital Child Psychiatry program allows psychiatrists to see children remotely, with secure video conferencing. Our doctors establish that important human connection with your child using technology. It is less intimidating and creates safe boundaries for children to share what’s troubling them.

How It Works

Kids visit their local BayCare Treatment Center and have their private appointment in a comfortable room with a couch, chairs, table and a large flatscreen TV with a camera. The doctor sees your child in a televised session. It takes place at the Treatment Center in a clinical, controlled setting with necessary safety measures set up. The Treatment Center also has support staff taking care of paperwork and intake procedures, giving you less to worry about.

The access and convenience of this program means an early intervention for your child, helping them overcome their issues. Kids think that being on TV is special and this unique program can ease their feelings of anxiety. Parents get peace of mind knowing that their child is getting the exceptional care they deserve, in an exceptional way.