Pediatric Imaging

When going into an imaging procedure for the first time, it can be a little daunting due to the uncertainty. It can be especially overwhelming when you’re just a kid going into your first imaging procedure. Between the unfamiliar machines and the anticipation for the diagnosis, you want to bring your children to a place that understands kids and is committed to quality care.

BayCare Imaging knows patient care and knows how to make sure your children are comfortable with the procedure. To schedule an appointment for a pediatric imaging procedure, you can contact us at (855) 269-4333.

What is Pediatric Imaging?

Pediatric imaging is the use of technology to visualize body parts, organs and tissues for diagnoses, and in some cases treatment, for the fetus, infants, children and young adults. Most imaging procedures are completely noninvasive. Imaging technology can diagnose a variety of injuries, vascular abnormalities, ENT conditions, musculoskeletal disorders, among other ailments.

What Pediatric Imaging Services Do We Provide?

BayCare Imaging provides many types of pediatric imaging services. We offer a full range of imaging studies including x-ray, ultrasounds, MRI and much more. You can view our full list of pediatric imaging services just below.

For most imaging exams, sedation is not necessary. However, in some instances, sedation may be necessary when a study requires a child to hold still for an extended period of time to obtain the most accurate result. Your physician will help you decide if sedation is the best option for your child.

Additionally, the radiology team at BayCare is proud to be a participant in the Image Gently® campaign developed by the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. We are dedicated to the safety of your child and follow strict protocols to reduce radiation exposure.

Schedule a Pediatric Imaging Appointment Today

With locations all over the Tampa Bay and central Florida regions, BayCare Imaging is committed to providing the best possible experience for you and your child. If you are looking to schedule a pediatric imaging appointment for your child, you can contact us at (855) 269-4333.