Why Choose Us

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians

Our pediatric emergency specialists understand the unique medical needs of children. They have years of specialty training in pediatric emergency medicine including pediatric critical care.
Physician examining baby
Physician and child patient

Specialized Support and Resources

Our pediatric emergency rooms offer the specialized support and resources needed to properly care for your child. Our entire pediatric emergency team, from the physicians and nurses to the team members in our transport and critical care units, are experts in working together to ensure that your child’s care is the best it can be.

Child Life Specialists

A great asset to our emergency and intensive care units, Child Life Specialists at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital help children learn about their surroundings and procedures without fear. They help explain diagnoses and procedures and use play techniques to distract and calm our young patients, their siblings, and sometimes their parents too!
Girl pretending to examine young boy
Holding tiny baby hand

Child-Size Care

Kids aren’t the same size as adults. It’s important for your child to be treated someplace that’s equipped to meet their unique needs. Our child-size care means that we use tools and equipment in a range of sizes to treat the smallest patient to the biggest one. A child’s weight and size are important in determining things like accurate vital signs and appropriate dosage of medicine.

Kid-Friendly Environment

At our pediatric ERs, we treat children in a kid-friendly environment. We use drug-free methods of pain relief and perform procedures without needles when possible. Our entire team is trained to talk to kids like they’re kids, to make them feel safe and comforted.
Two physician with child