Clinical Trials

A woman in a lab coat with protective gloves works with glass vials

St. Joseph’s Hospital Center for Bleeding and Clotting Disorders has participated in multiple clinical trials for many years in order to contribute to ongoing research of the most effective and safest treatment options for our patients. Here is the list of current studies we are part of:

  • ATHN dataset
  • ATHN-2 (Switch Study)
  • ATHN-4 (VTE study)
  • CDC Community Counts
  • My Life Our Future
  • Fitusiran study
  • WAPPS Hemo Project
  • Boerhinger Ingelheim dabigatran trial
  • NN7088-3908 (Novo N8GP PUP trial)
  • NN1841-3868 (post marketing surveillance study for Tretten)

To learn more about these and upcoming studies, please contact our RN research coordinator at (813) 554-8294.