Common 21st Century Mishaps

A man is not being careful while cutting an avocado.Also known as Generation Y, millennials are characterized by their increased use of digital technologies and communications, were greatly impacted by the Great Recession, and have a tendency to have high self-esteem. But life isn’t all iPhones and social media, and the trends that some millennials follow can be hazardous to their health.

High Intensity Workouts

High intensity workouts like CrossFit or endurance races like Tough Mudder are the latest fitness trends. And while these workouts and races are facilitating some seriously lean and fit bods, they may be responsible for more sports- or fitness-related injuries. It’s not uncommon for active young adults to experience some joint pain due to a change in fitness level, but regimes that rely heavily on weightlifting and intense aerobic exercises may be causing more hip, shoulder and other joint injuries. 

While fitness routines are good for mental and physical components of health, you should always talk to your doctor before starting a new routine. Proper stretching, posture and form may help prevent injuries during a workout.

Tech Neck and Other Technology Related Injuries

Generation Y relies heavily on technology for personal and professional use, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming systems and more. While all this technology might make things quick and efficient, it’s likely to have them hunched over a screen or keyboard. Positions like this over long periods of time may contribute to neck and back pain. Some refer to it as “tech neck,” and it may be one of the most noticeable effects of using a smartphone for long periods of time. The positioning of your computer, keyboard, desk and chair can cause you to have poor posture during long sedentary periods. 

With a heavily reliance on technology, you aren’t likely to see anyone pull out a paper and pencil; however, seating position and breaks will help prevent prolonged neck and back injuries. Remember to take small breaks from your smartphone or prop the device up on a pillow or stand so that your neck isn’t bent. While sedentary periods at work might be unavoidable, work with your office’s workers’ compensation department to get what you need to sit properly during the work day.

Avocado Hand 

It’s hard to have a good taco Tuesday without a good guacamole. The healthy fats of the avocado have made it a popular food item for many; however, a rise in improper handling has caused an increase in “Avocado hand.” Like a bagel, you might be tempted to hold the avocado in your hand when getting ready to slice into it. As you can imagine, the knife wielding skills can get a little out of hand and your snack time is quickly replaced with a trip to your local urgent care. #avocadohand and other humorous hashtags have risen on social media and various news sites as this year’s most popular kitchen injury. 

To prevent being part of the avocado hand epidemic, there are several things you can do. With a ripe avocado, cut the outer skin with a butter knife and spoon out the flesh with a serving spoon. For avocados that are slightly hard, place the avocado on a cutting board and slowly cut around the pit with your hand on top of the avocado. Remember to always curl your fingers when using a sharp knife and always cut away from your body.

Be Prepared

Regardless of pre-cautionary measures, accidents, slips, falls, bumps and bruises will still happen. BayCare offers HealthNav, a mobile app that will check and evaluate your injuries or symptoms and let you know where to seek treatment. HealthNav also provides you with the nearest emergency room or urgent care center. Download HealthNav today, before “avocado hand,” “tech neck,” or high intensity workouts get the best of you.

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