Your Diabetes Toolkit

Diabetes toolkit showing log book, glucometer, insulin pen, medication bottles, insulin, glucose tablets, lancet, test strips, syringe, medicalert bracelet, and ID card.

Do you find it hard to keep track of your supplies? Make it easy by creating a diabetes toolkit. Find a small makeup or travel bag. Then fill it with what you need to care for your diabetes. The list of supplies below can help you get started.

What to include in your toolkit

Suggestions include the following:

  • Extra insulin, syringes, pens, or insulin pump supplies

  • Other medicines you take for diabetes-related problems

  • Copies of all prescriptions

  • The pharmacy label that came with your insulin (this is needed for air travel)

  • Fast-acting sugar, such as glucose tablets, for hypoglycemia

  • Glucagon for severe hypoglycemia, when you can't safely swallow 

  • A blood glucose meter, lancing device, test strips, and a log book

  • Extra batteries for your meter

  • An ID card that says you have diabetes and lists emergency contact numbers