Foot Surgery: Surgical Settings

Your healthcare provider can tell you where your surgery will be done. You will also be told the type of anesthesia you’ll be given during surgery to stay pain-free during the procedure. A local anesthetic may be used to numb the area of your foot or to block the sensation from your ankle to your toes. You may be given a local anesthetic with sedatives to keep you relaxed but awake during surgery. In some cases, general anesthesia may be used to let you sleep through the surgery.

Operating room image, close-up of surgeons working on patient.


Many outpatient (same-day) surgeries can be done in your healthcare provider's office. You can return home the same day. You may be given a local anesthetic.

Same-day surgery facility

A surgery center handles more involved outpatient procedures. You will stay there for a few hours, and return home later that day. You may be given a local anesthetic and sedatives, or general anesthesia alone.


Some surgeries may need to be done in a hospital. Your stay there can be for one or more days. You may receive a local anesthetic along with sedatives. Or you may be given general anesthesia alone.