Cancer Support

Cancer Helpline

St. Joseph's Cancer Institute's free, confidential information line is staffed by a nationally certified oncology nurse. Cancer patients and their family members can contact the Cancer HelpLine to get reliable answers about cancer treatment and support services. In addition, callers can receive referrals to physicians, as well as to community and hospital services. 

Cancer HelpLine also coordinates cancer education and support services for patients and their families. This program connects patients to community cancer screenings and encourages prevention and early detection.

To contact the Cancer HelpLine, please call (800)-882-4123 or (813) 870-4123.

Support Groups

The St. Joseph’s Cancer Institute coordinates or participates in a variety of support groups to help patients and families cope with cancer.

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Support Programs

St. Joseph's Cancer Institute offers additional support programs to help cancer patients feel better both mentally and physically. 

Enable Your Health: Cancer Exercise Program

Exercise can reduce feelings of pain, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Exercise has been shown to help patients improve sleeping patterns and increase energy levels. Not only will exercise increase your physical ability, but it can improve your overall quality of life! This free class will incorporate low-impact cardiovascular training, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility exercises for all levels of fitness in a safe environment. The class is taught by an expert Fitness Specialist at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Rehabilitation Department. Remember to bring your exercise mat, water, and a towel.

Restorative Yoga

Yoga incorporates stress reduction techniques, including regulated breathing, visual imagery, meditation and various stretching postures to help improve strength, flexibility and balance. Mentally, yoga calms and quiets the mind, reduces anxiety and improves concentration and focus. Research suggests that stress reduction programs tailored to the treatment of cancer may help patients cope with the acute effects of treatment and improve quality of life during and after treatment.

This is a free program for cancer survivors. However, any person with a chronic illness may attend. Classes are taught by a registered yoga instructor at St. Joseph's Hospital. Remember to bring your yoga mat, water and a towel to class.

St. Joseph's Hospital offers many more support services to patients and families, including: