Faith Community Nursing

A Healing Partnership Meeting Health and Spiritual Needs

Why Faith Community Nursing?

Faith Community Nursing assists faith communities in developing health ministries that compassionately and effectively address the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of individuals within the congregation. Faith Community Nursing promotes health and healing practices from a faith perspective by encouraging healthy lifestyles and helping people understand the relationship between lifestyle, faith and well-being.

Congregational Benefits

The services of a Faith Community Nurse:

  • Allow the church to reaffirm its role in ministering to the whole person
  • Enhance the ability of the church to respond to the health needs of the congregation
  • Increase awareness of and access to community resources
  • Promote access to health care expertise and services through St. Anthony's Hospital
  • Emphasize wellness, disease prevention and health education

Who is the Faith Community Nurse?

The Faith Community Nurse is a pastorally called, spiritually mature, licensed registered nurse with a desire to serve his/her congregation in a volunteer capacity. Faith Community Nursing is both ministry and the professional practice of nursing, recognized by the American Nurses Association.

The Role of the Faith Community Nurse

The Faith Community Nurse is an integrator of faith and health and seeks to promote an understanding of the relationship between faith and health.

  • Health Counselor- Discusses individual health needs regarding illness, medication, prevention and wellness, and provides support during times of concern or crisis.
  • Health Educator- Promotes the relationship between faith, health attitudes and lifestyle choices through written articles for church publications, promotions, displays, health education programs and   screenings.
  • Health Advocate- Identifies those within the faith community who need assistance with decisions about their health care issues and guides them through the health care system.
  • Health Liaison- Connects faith community members to each other and to appropriate community resources in response to their health care needs.
  • Volunteer Coordinator- Recruits and supervises volunteers in health and pastoral ministries and provides information and education to assist them in their role. Facilitates support group formation if needed.

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