Sleep Disorders Services

You will spend nearly one-third of your life sleeping. A sleep disorder can significantly affect both the quality of your sleep and your health.

Sleep disorders lead to sleep deprivation which can wreak havoc in your waking life. It can cause daytime fatigue, poor concentration (and accompanying poor performances on the job or at work), depression, and lapses in memory.

How Do You Know if You Have a Sleep Disorder?

Symptoms may include:

  • A long time falling asleep
  • You are excessively sleepy during the day
  • You feel fatigued or weak during the day
  • You rely on alcohol or pills to help you sleep
  • You snore loudly during sleep or have trouble breathing during sleep
  • You move around excessively during sleep
  • You sleepwalk or talk during sleep

To see if you or a family member is being affected by a sleep disorder, take this simple sleep evaluation.

If you’re not sleeping as soundly as you would like, or for as long as you’d like, you may suffer from a sleeping disorder.

A Good Night's Sleep Is within Reach

The Sleep Disorders Center at Bartow Regional Medical Center offers sleep diagnostic services and treatment. Our center offers advanced diagnostic sleep testing in a comfortable, private bedroom with a queen-size bed. Patients are closely monitored by sleep technologists trained in detailed data collection and analysis procedures. Data collected during the study is compiled for interpretation by a boarded sleep specialist for recommendations and treatment.

During the sleep test, sensors are placed on the patient's head, chest, on either side of the eyes and under the chin. These sensors record brain waves, eye movements and heart and muscle activity. Other sensors are used to monitor breathing and blood oxygen levels. Nighttime recordings often are followed by a daytime test, such as the multiple sleep latency test, to determine whether the sleep disorder involves increased tendency to fall asleep.

Our Team

Bartow Regional Medical Center’s board certified pulmonologists and neurologists specialize in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. All technical staff members are certified as registered polysomnographic technologists.

Can Sleep Disorders Be Treated?

Absolutely. Once a sleep disorder is diagnosed, it can be successfully treated. The information from your sleep tests can assist your physician or recommended sleep specialist in designing the proper treatment to help you get a better night's sleep.

A good night's sleep is essential for your well being.

For more information about the Sleep Disorders Center or to schedule a sleep study, call (863) 519-1406.

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