How to Use HealthNav

When you or your child is sick or hurt, you can rely on BayCare’s HealthNav® mobile app to guide you. You tell HealthNav what's wrong, and we’ll direct you to the ER, BayCare Urgent Care, BayCareAnywhere®, or a primary care doctor. In just a few easy steps, you can install HealthNav and have it ready to use whenever you need it.

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How to Register for HealthNav in Three Easy Steps

  1. Open the HealthNav app and go to “Sign Up"
  2. Enter an email address and password. 
  3. Click “Create Account”

Tell Us What’s Wrong: How to Use the Symptom Checker

If you aren’t feeling well, but you aren’t sure what’s wrong or where to go, start with Tell Us What's Wrong. 

  • First, tell us if this is for you or a child. If it’s for a child, you may have to enter their gender and birthdate. If it’s for you, it may already be filled out, based on how you registered.
  • Next, you will see a screen of a human body. You can either tap the area that is affected or do a text or voice search for symptoms. Once you have chosen the area, click “Continue”.  
  • If your problem is skin related, choose “Show Skin Symptoms”.
  • Now you get to choose your symptoms and conditions. Click on all that apply. You can click on the i symbol to get more information about each symptom and condition. When you’re done, click “Continue”.
  • This is the last step before you get your results. Click on all of the symptoms and issues that pertain to your sickness. Click “Continue”.
  • Based on what you’ve shared, HealthNav will tell you where you should be seen—the ER, BayCare Urgent Care, BayCareAnywhere for an instant online doctor’s appointment, or to find a primary care physician or pediatrician.  You may have more than one option, so be sure to scroll and see all you can do.

Know Where to Go? Try Your Care Options

If you already know where you need to go for care, bypass the symptom checker. Click on Your Care Options, and find:

  • Emergency Room: See the closest BayCare ERs and get driving directions.
  • BayCare Urgent Care: Find the closest BayCare Urgent Care centers, see wait times, make a reservation and get driving directions.
  • BayCareAnywhere®: Ready to see a doctor right now? Launch immediately into the BayCareAnywhere app and talk to a doctor within minutes.
  • BayCare Doctors: See a list of primary care doctors and pediatricians affiliated with BayCare. Filter by specialty, affiliation, city and more. Call the doctor to schedule an appointment and add your favorite doctor to your phone’s contact list.