What Mobile Pool Team Members Have To Say

"The pool offers the mobility that I love! I have worked in at least 10 hospitals in my career and BayCare's are the best. I also like the setup in the critical care units where I have been assigned, convenient to observe my patients while managing the paperwork from my work station."

"The assignments are manageable and resources willing, available and helpful."

"The pool office staff is very nice and professional. They are helpful in keeping us current with required education, certifications and skills."

"I love the flexibility, working in a variety of units and hospitals. I have friends everywhere, in all of the BayCare hospitals where I work. The pool has made it possible for me to learn new skills and maintain them!"

"My husband and I live in Florida during the winter months. My BayCare Mobile Pool assignments provide income and assists me to maintain and enhance my nursing skills. My husband is retired, which requires me to have a flexible schedule. This assignment allows adequate flexibility for me to also enjoy a harmonious marriage!"

"BayCare staff has been courteous, helpful and proactive. I can truly say that my experience to date has been the most rewarding."