Testimonials - Vein Centre

"I was scared to death and can't believe how easy and pain-free the procedure was."
--Carol L. of Clearwater, FL

"I feel energetic.  I feel like me again!"
--Joann G. of Dunedin, FL

"I love you guys!  I sleep properly, I can walk around, it's good!  Not to mention appearance.  I can wear shorts and not feel embarrassed!"
--Kay C. of Largo, FL

"I didn't realize just how bad my legs were.  I feel like I've had a rebirth!"
--Anita F. of Clearwater, FL

"Piece of cake."
--Herbert L. of Tarpon Springs, FL

"This is the nicest medical experience I've ever had.  The people are universally kind, concerned, professional and effective.  I almost regret this surgery can only be done once."
--William W. of Pinellas Park, FL

"I am so pleased with the results, I threw out all my Capri pants.  I can wear shorts again."
--Anne B. of Dunedin, FL

"I am doing very good.  My leg is a lot more comfortable, and the procedure was not so bad either.  Glad I did it."
--Wes H. of Clearwater, FL

"My goodness, I have ankles again!"
--Charlotte S. of Largo, FL

"Everything's perfect.  I had the right guy to do it."
--Donald P. of Pinellas Park, FL

"Now everyone is complimenting me on how skinny my legs are.  I say, "I've always had skinny legs, you just couldn't look past the veins."
--Andrea W. of Dunedin, FL

"I am very pleased with the results I received at this facility.  Everyone was very professional and friendly.  I look forward to using their services again."
--Diane S. of Clearwater, FL

"I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of me.  All of my pain is gone."
--Jennifer H. of Largo, FL

"Finally, I can see my ankle again after 30 years!"
--Judy T. of Clearwater, FL

"I'm very glad I did this.  The cramps and swelling are gone."
--Gary K. of Largo, FL

"My legs are perfect.  I've been getting lots of compliments."
--Tammy W. of Largo, FL

"I'm completely happy.  The pain is gone.  You all have done good!"
--Peggy N. of Land O' Lakes, FL

"This is the best thing I've ever done in my life!  I should have done it years and years ago.  All of my pain is 100% gone."
--Paul M. of Palm Harbor, FL

"A note of thanks for the wonderful treatment I experienced at the Vein Centre.  Everyone at the front desk was very helpful and friendly.  It shows that they enjoy working there."
--Ida Lee of Dunedin, FL