Team Member Remote Access

Link to BayCare's Secure Access Portal. 

Additional Information:

Remote Access with iConnect
Includes step-by-step instructions on how to connect to iConnect, BayCare’s Secure Access Portal, from outside the BayCare network. This will grant you access to the Intranet, Outlook Web, MIC and more.

BayCare Email and Lawson (MIC) Quick Reference
Instructions for accessing your BayCare email account and the Lawson Employee Self Service system, also known as “MIC” (My Information Center).

Create Your Password
Instructions to create your password from a mobile device (e.g., phone or tablet). You will need your BayCare ID badge and the phone associated to the phone number you provided to BayCare as your iConnect phone number to complete this process.

Reset Your BayCare Password
Instructions to reset your BayCare password in the event that you can’t remember it. You will need your BayCare ID badge and be registered with iConnect in order to complete this process.