Champion of Innovation

BayCare embraces innovation, incorporating telehealth, new technology and state-of-the-art facilities to help improve population health.

Interior of the HealthHub (Bloomingdale) in Valrico, FloridaBayCare’s telehealth service has grown substantially since 2016. This innovative approach helps provide patients with convenient access to affordable and high-quality care.

    A person is holding a cellphone that has BayCareAnywhere on its screen.
  • BayCareAnywhere®, a 24/7 mobile application which costs $59 per visit, helps patients connect to a health care provider live and in real-time from home, work or traveling.
  • Walk-In Care Provided by BayCare in Publix Supermarkets in the Tampa Bay area allows shoppers to access a health care provider while shopping.
  • Telehealth played a critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing more than 67,000 visits for virus screenings, regular checkups, follow-up visits and behavioral health.
  • BayCare has introduced a first-of-its kind BayCare HealthHub, an innovative and high-tech health and wellness destination designed to make life better for residents in the Tampa Bay area.