What Is Home Infusion Therapy?

A HomeCare team member is preparing to provide home infusion therapy to a patient.

Anti-Infective Treatment

For a number of different reasons or conditions, your physician may order IV anti-infective or antibiotic treatment to combat an infection. Many infections can be safely treated at home and will help you avoid an emergency room visit or hospitalization.

Immunoglobulin Therapy

If you’ve been diagnosed with an immunodeficiency disease, you may be unable to produce adequate amounts of antibodies. Your physician may need to order immunoglobulin (Ig) therapy as part of your care. This replacement therapy may help you fight off infections, reduce pain and increase mobility.

Heart Failure Inotropic Therapy

Inotropic therapy is used to help relieve and control heart failure symptoms. This type of therapy provides medication to help the heart pump more effectively and alleviate some symptoms of heart failure, such as swelling or edema.

Enteral Nutrition

Enteral nutrition, or tube feeding, may be administered if you’re unable to get appropriate nutrition by swallowing food, or if your body requires increased nutrients to help with your recovery. Our pharmacists and dietitians work directly with you and your physician to establish and provide the proper nutrition needed to reach your specific goals.

Total Parental Nutrition (TPN)

Some chronic diseases or gastrointestinal disorders may result in you having problems absorbing nutrients from food. Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is a comprehensive nutritional liquid compound tailored to your specific needs. It includes vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, protein and electrolytes at a prescribed amount. From the pharmacists who create the specific compounds to the nurses who administer treatment, you’ll get the highest level of care to meet your nutritional needs.

What Types of Non-Infusion Therapies Are Provided?

  • Specialty medications
  • Injectables
  • Oral

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