Cancer Patient Support Services

Treating the Body, Mind and Spirit

BayCare offers supportive programs and services to cancer patients, family members, caregivers and loved ones through our Cancer Patient Support Services (CaPSS) program. Our CaPSS teams are guided by a simple mission to enhance the quality of life for people in our community touched by cancer. CaPSS counselors provide services to our cancer patients in the hospital and outpatient settings. We’re here to assist you with cancer-related issues and to educate patients and families about community resources. This Program is offered to our patients at no charge to them, we also have services available in Spanish. We’re part of your cancer support team.


You’re not alone on your journey. We’re here to help.

Individual Counseling and Support Services

Our experienced counselors, social workers and cancer care navigators are available to help patients and caregivers cope with the impact and changes resulting from a cancer diagnosis. Counseling services can include adjustment to diagnosis and treatment, coping with life changes, relaxation and mindfulness, grief and loss, sexuality and intimacy, advance care planning and transitions in care.

Our Locations

BayCare offers hospital-specific support services for cancer patients and their families at hospitals throughout the Tampa Bay area. Learn more about these services offered at the following facilities:

If services are needed and not available in your area please click on the Contact Us button in the banner at the top of the page to connect with us and find assistance and resource near you.

Support Groups

Support groups provide a caring environment for patients and families to connect with others who genuinely understand the impact of cancer. Support groups are run by knowledgeable counselors who can help patients and families cope with the emotional aspects of cancer. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences in a safe setting while learning coping techniques and information.

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Financial Assistance Navigation

CaPSS team members can assist patients in locating possible financial resources if they need help with additional expenses incurred during treatment. Referrals to national and community agencies are made. Limited financial assistance may be available to some patients.

Nurse Navigator

A cancer diagnosis can be an overwhelming and frightening experience. The role of a Nurse Navigator is to follow patients throughout every aspect of treatment and assist as needed with coordination of care prescribed by the patient’s team of specialists. At BayCare, our nurse navigators are your health care advocate and ensure you receive the best comprehensive care.

Oncology Resource Centers/Libraries

Cancer-related educational materials are available to patients, families and the community free of charge at select locations.


Additional Support Services

  • Restorative Yoga for Cancer Patients

    Yoga is a great way to reduce stress by using regulated breathing techniques, visual imagery, meditation, and stretching postures. Yoga can help cancer patients cope with the side effects of treatment and help improve their quality of life during and after treatments. Find restorative yoga events.

  • Mental Wellness Services

    Finding out you or a loved one has cancer can cause feelings of depression, anxiety, and fear. BayCare knows how important it is to incorporate mental health in your treatment plan to ensure longer survivorship. With support groups, you can learn strategies to reduce stress, improve mood, and help follow your treatment plan.

  • Cancer Exercise Programs/POWER

    These classes incorporate low-impact cardiovascular, strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility exercises for all levels of fitness in a safe environment under the supervision of a certified cancer exercise trainer. This program is for cancer survivors, those with chronic illnesses, and their families.

  • Lymphedema Management Program

    Lymphedema is the accumulation of fluid that causes swelling of one or more body parts, usually the arms or legs. It can be caused by removing lymph nodes, radiation treatment, congenital abnormalities, or chronic venous insufficiency. The program provides complete decongestive therapy (CDT) with manual lymph drainage (MLD), compression therapy, skincare and guidelines, and a home maintenance program.

  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

    There are many services offered through the rehabilitation program for adults and children. Therapy treatment plans are tailored to the patients' specific needs in both acute inpatient care and outpatient rehabilitation therapy and develop a close working relationship with their patients.

  • A Place for Her

    BayCare's breast cancer boutique, "A Place for Her," offers the community a complete line of postmastectomy, lumpectomy, and reconstructive products, including breast forms, bras, post-surgical camisoles, wigs, and swimwear. The boutiques are located in the South Florida Baptist Hospital Cancer Resource Center (Plant City) and directly across from Morton Plant Hospital (Clearwater). Personalized in-home fitting services are also available throughout the area.


BayCare Cancer Resource Guide for Patients

This guide was developed to assist patients on their cancer treatment journey. Call us if you have a resource that should be included or if current information listed is not correct.

Download and print a copy of Pinellas resource manual.