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Sometimes it’s hard to make the first step towards incorporating exercise into your routine, but the best thing about committing to being fit is that before you know it, healthy living will become a part of your lifestyle. You don’t have to think twice about it, you just do it. But before you can get to that euphoric autopilot stage, you have to make the extra effort to rev up your engines and commit to being fit. One way to get started is by trying some of our many programs and assessments we offer.

BayCare Fitness Center Programs and Assessments

Activ Trax

Web-based workout programs customize your workouts. Workouts are generated for you based on your fitness level, exercise history, preferences, abilities and equipment at your Fitness Center. The program is available on personal computers and mobile devices and provides you with workout instructions. It can vary your exercises from workout to workout to keep things fresh and interesting.

Forever FIT

Forever FIT is a supervised, personalized exercise program catering to the needs of individuals in need of a fitness program based on cardiovascular, strength, balance and agility improvement, and fall prevention.

Performance Testing

Workout smarter, not harder... and reach your goals faster. The performance test will show what heart rate your Anaerobic Threshold (AT) occurs.

Postural Assessment

(This service is only offered at Carillon and Palm Harbor locations)

Want a better workout? A Postural and Movement screening will help. A postural assessment will enable a personal trainer to observe muscle imbalances that may be negatively affecting your workout and/or causing pain or discomfort. Inflexibility, postural distortions and incorrect movement patterns can cause your muscles to not function properly. Our skilled trainer can tailor a program to improve your body's muscle imbalances.

POWER Wellness Program

The POWER Program is specially designed to meet the unique fitness and wellness needs of cancer patients. POWER Breast Cancer and POWER All Cancer empower participants with knowledge, emotional support and whole-body wellness. The program provides an uplifting structure exercise experience designed to assist in regaining functional abilities during and post recovery. Integrating physical activity into one's lifestyle is of vital importance in creating lasting health and well-being.

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Included in your membership, you receive:

  • 3 complimentary coach consults with a personal trainer and a Dietitian
  • Web-based programming for your specific needs and goals 
  • Yearly screening of blood work including lipid profile 
  • State-of-the-art equipment for all your cardiovascular and strength training needs
  • Group fitness classes like Zumba, Yoga, HIIT, Cycle, Pilates, Step and more
  • Access to all BayCare Fitness Center locations

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