Cancer Care at St. Joseph’s Hospital

Located centrally in Tampa, Florida St. Josephs’ Hospital offers the spectrum of cancer care, through our St. Joseph’s Cancer Institute. As part of BayCare we have a full network of care, with convenient locations across the greater Tampa Bay area.  The Cancer Institute’s goal is to support and help our residents in the battle against cancer by offering the best in specialized cancer care with board-certified cancer specialists, advanced technology, and cutting-edge cancer research. 

The St. Joseph’s Hospitals cancer institute reaches across the greater Tampa area with coordinated care among the following hospitals:

We believe that compassionate care provided by a professional, friendly team is important for creating an environment of comprehensive healing. Our patients often comment on the feeling of security and trust they develop with the Cancer Institute physicians and staff. We pride ourselves on providing:

  • Specialized care
  • Personal service
  • Safety
  • Privacy
  • Convenience
  • Family-friendly environment

Our board-certified surgeons, oncologists and radiologists specialize in diagnosing and treating the following cancers:

Comprehensive Chemotherapy Services

Our ambulatory infusion center and 30-bed adult oncology unit provide specialized care and symptom management to patients with all types of cancer. All of our nurses are certified in chemotherapy administration, and dedicated on-site pharmacists and nutritional therapists are available for one-on-one consultations with patients.

We have an multidisciplinary team within our Cancer Institute that meet twice weekly to coordinate all services required for the oncology patient. This comprehensive team pairs physicians, pharmacists and nurses with chaplains, social workers, physical therapists, speech therapists and enterostomal therapists. The team also coordinates care with home health agencies and Hospice services, and refers patients and their families to local support and educational groups. One-on-one consultation with team members is available.

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