Breast Cancer

Although early detection saves many lives, breast cancer is still the second leading cause of cancer in women, second only to skin cancer. It is also the second leading cause of death in women, second to lung cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 230,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States. Although the disease is much more common in women, it can occur in men as well. Additional risk factors include having a family history of breast cancer and being over the age of 40. However, early detection through screening mammograms and other diagnostic tests can bring these numbers down. 

Diagnostic Testing

Detecting breast cancer early is the best way to ensure a successful outcome. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that women over the age of 50 get a mammogram every two years. In addition, performing regular self-breast exams and undergoing annual clinical breast exams are important steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing this disease.

Mease Countryside Hospital offers a comprehensive range of screenings and diagnostic testing procedures for women throughout Safety Harbor, Florida, and the rest of the Tampa Bay area. At our state-of-the-art Susan Cheek Needler Breast Center, located in the Medical Arts Building on the Mease Country Hospital campus, women will find a caring, compassionate environment and an attentive staff of experienced technologists and board-certified radiologists. 

Services offered at the Susan Cheek Needler Breast Center include:

  • Digital screening mammography
  • Digital diagnostic mammography
  • High-resolution breast ultrasound
  • Nonsurgical breast biopsies
  • MRI-guided breast biopsies
  • Molecular breast imaging
  • Breast MRI

The innovative breast cancer program at Mease Countryside Hospital also offers genetic testing, HER2 testing, lymph node biopsies, and wire localization biopsies.

Treatments for Breast Cancer at Mease Countryside Hospital

For individuals who require breast cancer treatment, Mease Countryside Hospital offers a comprehensive range of nonsurgical and surgical therapies using the most advanced technology available. Chemotherapy may be recommended on its own or in conjunction with hormone therapy, biologic therapy, targeted drug therapy or surgery. Surgical therapies include:

  • Breast reconstruction (implants and natural tissue)
  • Axillary lymph node dissection
  • Lumpectomy
  • Mastectomy (full, complete, or total)
  • Mastectomy (partial)
  • Sentinel lymph node biopsy

 For a referral to a board-certified oncologist, please call the BayCare Customer Service Center at (727) 462-7500 or find a specialist near you. 

We also offer Cancer Patient Support Services through our (CaPSS) program for patients and families. 

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