2022 Graduates

Graig Alpert, MDGraig Alpert, MD

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Undergraduate Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Accounting from NYU Stern and Post-Baccalaureate Certificate from Georgetown University
Medical School: University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine

In His Own Words
"During my fourth year at USF, I really got to know the residents and physicians at the family medicine residency program. I learned something new every day I spent here and couldn’t wait to come back. I was impressed by the knowledge, humility and diversity of the team and the positive impact the clinic has on the local community. All of the physicians here treat their patients and each other with respect, dignity and compassion. I couldn’t imagine a better place to prepare me for the rest of my career as a family physician."

About Dr. Alpert
Dr. Alpert has always been passionate about helping others. As a teenager, he taught karate to a diverse group of kids, including some with autism and cerebral palsy. He always found it rewarding to see his students accomplishing their goals. Similarly, he finds purpose in the relationships he builds with each of his patients and in doing his best to serve their needs.

Dr. Alpert took a non-traditional path to medical school and gained many unique experiences as a result. Living in NYC, he developed close friendships with many people who struggled with gender identity and cultural and religious differences. He believes that everyone should have equal access to quality health care.

In his free time, he enjoys swing dancing, drawing, surfing and snorkeling.

Brian Baird, DOBrian Baird, DO

Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID
Undergraduate Education: Brigham Young University (Provo, UT), Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
Medical School: Nova Southeastern University (Davie, FL)

In His Own Words
“I am very excited to join the USF-MPM family of Family Medicine residents. I got such a great feeling from the residents and faculty during my interview, and I knew that MPM had everything I wanted in a residency. I love how well-rounded the program is with great inpatient experience, a wonderful clinic, and endless opportunities to explore all of the aspects of family medicine, including sports medicine, international experiences, community service and preventive health services and education. I’m excited for everything this residency has to offer.”

About Dr. Baird
Dr. Baird was born in Utah but spent most of his life growing up in Idaho. He discovered his passion for human biology in high school and decided to explore a career in medicine from the beginning of undergraduate education at Brigham Young University. After his freshman year of college, he took a two-year hiatus to serve a religious mission for his church in Russia, which really helped him grow as a person and gain perspective about what is important in life. After his mission, he returned to BYU and continued his premedical studies. He met his wife during college, and they were married shortly after his graduation. One year later, he and his wife made a cross-country trek to start a new phase of their life in Florida for medical school. They quickly fell in love with the endless summer, palm trees and beaches.

During medical school, Dr. Baird learned that he liked nearly all aspects of medicine and had a difficult time deciding on a specialty. He changed his mind many different times, including during the application process. Late during his fourth year of medical school, he discovered a passion for sports medicine, which led to a “career crisis,” which ended with him going to New York for a year to complete a Transitional Year residency program while applying for Family Medicine. He is excited to be back in Florida and to be a part of a great, three-year Family Medicine residency.

Dr. Baird and his wife have two boys, ages 4 and 1. When he is not at work, Brian likes to spend time with his family, go to the beach, hike, bike, run, play board games, watch sports and read.

Patrick Couchot, MDPatrick Couchot, MD

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Undergraduate Education: University of South Florida
Medical School: University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine

In His Own Words
“I believe the most important aspects when choosing a residency program include a collaborative and diverse curriculum, engaged and accessible faculty, and a sense of friendship between the residents. USF-MPM Family Medicine checked all of those boxes exceptionally well. Having gone to medical school at USF, I had firsthand experience with the program throughout my third and fourth years and recognized the positive atmosphere cultivated by the faculty and resident interactions. The more time I spent working with the team, the more comfortable and at home I felt. When it came time to choose, I knew this program was a perfect fit for me.”

About Dr. Couchot
Dr. Patrick Couchot was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL, until moving to Tampa, FL, to start his undergraduate studies at the University of South Florida. He quickly fell in love with the region of Tampa Bay and was fortunate enough to complete both his undergraduate and medical school education at USF.

His devotion to medicine developed at a young age, as he was inspired by his own family physician. Seeing the doctor build meaningful relationships with his patients that resulted in better quality care was the driving factor for his interest. With this in mind, Dr. Couchot’s educational career led him to the USF-MPM Family Medicine Residency Program. “I would look forward to coming in to work every day, and that excitement was what confirmed my choice for me,” he said.

Having always been an active person, Dr. Couchot also developed an inclination for Sports Medicine. He believes exercise is key to keeping both physically and mentally in shape, as well as being an excellent coping mechanism for stress relief. Additionally, Dr. Couchot is interested in performance arts sports medicine, which has stemmed from his partner’s involvement in ballet.

Dr. Couchot currently lives in Clearwater, FL, with his partner, Noreen, and their two cats, Duma and Heidi. He enjoys spending time outdoors, scuba diving, playing soccer and going on runs after a long day at work.

Pamela Escobar, DOPamela Escobar, DO

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Undergraduate Education: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley; Post-Baccalaureate Certificate from California State University, East Bay.
Medical School: A.T. Still University, SOMA

In Her Own Words
“I was impressed with what I learned about the USF Family Medicine Residency Program on interview day. I was told that the residents consistently scored well above the national mean on boards, and after speaking with some of the residents about their hospital/clinic experiences, I felt that the program would provide a strong balance between training and education through hospital experience and didactics/academic opportunities. One of the questions I asked myself while I searched for a training program was whether or not I would feel comfortable practicing anywhere as an Attending right after residency, and I felt I could achieve a high level of confidence after training at the USF Family Medicine Residency Program.”

About Dr. Escobar
Dr. Escobar was born in San Francisco, CA, where she grew up and spent most of her life. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from UC Berkeley, she completed a post-baccalaureate program at CSU, East Bay, and during that time she worked part-time as a tutor as well as worked part-time at a monastery. For medical school, she attended A.T. Still University where she spent one year in Arizona, and as part of her program’s curriculum, she completed the remainder of her medical school in NYC.

Dr. Escobar enjoys traveling, appreciating different cuisines of other cultures, sightseeing, appreciating nature and watching movies.

Harriet Hagele, MDHarriet Hagele, MD

Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
Undergraduate Education: Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, and Thesis Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences at Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, GA
Medical School: Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, GA

In Her Own Words
"I knew USF-MPM was the perfect fit for me even before I applied for my family medicine residency. I had the opportunity to visit the program for a month during my fourth year of medical school and the experience was amazing from start to finish! I enjoyed every aspect of my rotations, both in the hospital and in the clinic. I valued the vast opportunities to serve patients and learned so much from the dedicated residents, attendings and staff. I appreciated the care taken by the attendings and residents to get to know me not only as a potential resident, but also as a person, and I felt like part of the team from day one. On match day, when I opened up my letter which read, “Matched USF-MPM for Family Medicine,” I was ecstatic knowing my dream had come true!"

About Dr. Hagele
Dr. Hagele is a first-generation American, born and raised in Georgia by native Austrian parents. She is the first doctor in her family. Dr. Hagele knew from a young age that she was interested in the sciences but decided to pursue medicine after completing her master’s degree in the biomedical sciences. During medical school, Dr. Hagele enjoyed aspects of every rotation but truly felt at home within family medicine because of its holistic, personalized approach to each patient, taking into account the bio-psycho-social aspects of a person’s life that may affect his or her health. With special focus in preventative medicine, Dr. Hagele hopes to not only diagnose and treat disease, but also encourage her patients to live long and healthy lives by incorporating positive lifestyle changes!

In her spare time, Dr. Hagele loves to go to the beach and explore Tampa Bay with her partner, Pablo. She also enjoys cooking and looks forward to starting her flower garden in the beautiful Florida weather!

Weier Liu, MD

Hometown: Qinyuan, Zhejiang Province, China
Undergraduate Education: University of Florida
Medical School: University of Florida

In His Own Words
“Residency can be tough, but there is no place I would rather train than at this program. I am blessed to not only work alongside my co-residents, the amazing faculty, and office staff, but also to have met numerous physicians and health care workers in the community where I one day hope to work as a primary care physician. Finally, I am eager to step into the role of chief resident alongside Patrick Couchot during my final year of training."

About Dr. Liu
Dr. Liu is a first-generation Chinese American immigrant who was born in the southern Zhejiang province and moved to Atlanta, Georgia before relocating to Gainesville, Florida where he stayed to earn his bachelor’s and medical degrees. His passion for primary care began in high school when he first shadowed local physicians, grew during his clinical experiences in college and medical school, and ultimately cemented his decision to become a family medicine physician. Dr. Liu moved to Clearwater, Florida in June of 2019 with his wife, Sara. Their son, Theodore, was born in July of 2020, whom they now spend much of their free time chasing after.


Pranav Reddy, MDPranav Reddy, MD

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Undergraduate Education: University of Miami
Medical School: University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine

In His Own Words
“When I matched to the USF Family Medicine Program I was thrilled. I get to stay right at home near family and do the thing I love most. Although I didn’t get to experience the program firsthand through rotations, I was able to meet some of the residents as a medical student and felt like I clicked with them pretty well. That’s when I knew that this program would be a good match for me. I can’t wait to experience all the things that lie ahead in Clearwater and create memories with my new family.”

About Dr. Reddy
Dr. Reddy is a first-generation American who was born in Long Branch, NJ, and soon after moved to Tampa, FL. He moved even farther south to Miami to complete his undergraduate education. He eventually came back home for his medical school years, of which he spent the last two in Allentown, PA, as part of the SELECT program.

His interest in medicine was piqued by observing the impact his father, an internist, had on his community. Both through his medical school curriculum and his service trips to the Dominican Republic through the organization Project World Health at USF, Dr. Reddy gained invaluable perspective on how a long-term approach to treatment in medicine can significantly better a community. In the future Dr. Reddy has plans to be a hospitalist for a few years to practice and learn about acute care, eventually transitioning to the outpatient setting where he will be able to help fight chronic disease.

Dr. Reddy is married to his beautiful wife, Archana. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling. He also enjoys playing all kinds of sports and if he’s not playing them, he’s cheering on his Florida teams.

David Tran, MDDavid Tran, MD

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Undergraduate Education: Emory University
Medical School: Tulane University School of Medicine

In His Own Words
“I believe the USF Family Medicine program is the complete package. It has a community feel yet is also part of an academic institution. I loved the openness of the USF program, where the faculty are supportive and receptive of the residents. This allows for the program to be dynamic in their training, preparing residents for not just what family medicine is, but also what it could be. My particular interest is in obesity medicine and this place has that in spades. Not only are many physicians obesity board certified, but they are also opening up an obesity clinic. When I interviewed at USF, I fell in love with the program and people. I feel very fortunate to be part of the USF FM family.”

About Dr. Tran
Dr. Tran was born in San Jose, CA, but grew up in Florida most of his life. He completed his undergraduate education at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, where he majored in Environmental Studies. After college, he worked several jobs, including starting a T-shirt business and working as a farmhand before attending law school. Surprisingly, it was there that he realized medicine was an untapped passion. He volunteered at a free community clinic for the underserved and later managed the clinic as coordinator. His time working with the underserved community sparked his interest in preventative medicine. At Tulane University School of Medicine, these interests were further nurtured by the Culinary Medicine program which focuses on integrating nutrition and lifestyle into the treatment of patients. He hopes to have a practice that advocates healthy living and helps prevent disease before it happens using a holistic approach to a patient’s unique circumstances. Outside of medicine, Dr. Tran enjoys reading, traveling, the outdoors, trying new things and spending time with friends and family.