What is Community Benefit?

BayCare provides a safety net for uninsured and underinsured residents in the Tampa Bay region. Through this community benefit – traditional charity care and unbilled community services – these residents receive the care they need every year.

Tampa Bay’s leading not-for-profit hospitals formed BayCare in July 1997 and came together to work for a greater cause: Ensuring that community-based, not-for-profit health care would not merely survive, but thrive, into the future.

BayCare’s financial stability and organizational strength have helped ensure its hospitals can stay true to their not-for-profit roots of serving the health care needs of all residents, regardless of ability to pay. BayCare remains committed to this ideal.

Behind the business charts and graphs, BayCare shows how a health system can touch real lives with a deep understanding of what it means to have not-for-profit health care in its communities.

You can view the 2016 Report to the Community and learn more by visiting HumanityAtWorkStories.org.