Physician Sponsored Student Onboarding Process

Physician Sponsored Student Onboarding Process

Student program types include: 

  • Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)
  • Anesthesia Assistant
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) 
  • Dental Student 
  • Medical Student 
  • Physician Assistant
  • RN First Assist
  • Visiting Fellow
  • Visiting Resident
  • Certified Nurse Midwife

The Physician Sponsored Student (PSS) onboarding process is designed for use by clinical students, from an affiliated school, seeking a rotation at a BayCare facility under the sponsorship of a credentialed physician.

This process provides medical students, and mid-level providers enrolled in college programs, an opportunity to fulfill their program’s clinical requirements, while participating in learning experiences within the BayCare Health System.

Prior to approval of any rotation within BayCare, students must complete these important steps to prevent delays in the onboarding process:

  • Obtain a Physician (MD or DO) Sponsor
  • Verify school and student program are currently affiliated with BayCare
  • Register for an NE#
  • Complete required training
  • Complete the Physician Sponsored Student Application 
  • Submit completed application and current training transcript

To begin the process, simply click the appropriate link:

For questions or concerns about this program, please contact Organizational Development & Learning at 727-519-1379 or Email.