Team Member Instructions

  1. Obtain a Physician (MD or DO) Sponsor. Your physician sponsor must sign the application form.

  2. Verify your school is currently affiliated with BayCare and the student program is included in the affiliation.
    A. Check with school or call 727-519-1300 to verify.
    B. If school is not currently affiliated, please email your name, discipline, the school name, and school contact name and phone number to: Email 
    C. Team members are NOT waived from the requirements within the Affiliation Agreement. All students must follow the requirements within the Affiliation Agreement regardless of the student being a BayCare team member or not.

  3. Register for an NE#:
    NOTE: You will need to register for an NE# to access the Cerner Electronic Medical Record while in the student role.
    A. Follow the instructions to register/reactivate your username and password. If you previously had an NE#, you do not need to register for a new number.
    B. Once completed, you will receive further instructions via email.

  4. Complete required training.
    A. Log on to BayCare's Online Learning Center (OLC)
    B. On the OLC Team Member page, search for Physician Sponsored Student.
    C. Complete the appropriate Physician Sponsored Student curriculum
    D. From the OLC, save your transcript of completed training by exporting to a PDF. You will need to submit this with your application

  5. Complete the Physician Sponsored Student Application. With the exception of the “For Office Use Only” area, all sections of the application must be completed in order for the application to be considered, including the Sponsoring Physician’s signature. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
    Note to Chrome users: Interactive PDFs do not function correctly when opened in Chrome. After completing the form in its entirety, click the Print icon and save your application as a PDF.

  6. Complete required Hand-Hygiene Validation Form
    A. Have any clinician, medical professional, or physician observe you complete the hand-hygiene demonstration and check-off each step you perform and have them sign the bottom of the form.
    B. Watch the 2 John Hopkins Handwashing videos - links at the bottom of the form. School is to keep a record of student and instructor validation form.

  7. Email the completed application and current training transcript.
    A. Medical Students Email
    B. Visiting Residents Email
    C. All other Advanced Care Providers (ACP) Students Email
Once all required documentation is submitted, the OD&L department will process your application and notify you of the approved rotation dates along with your Cerner Log-in user name and password.