Find Time for Fitness: Part II

man and woman in a park helping each other stretch

In part one, we talked about how the brain can put a damper on your determination to remain true to your new year's resolutions. This time we will address the body's way of keeping you from getting up for that run or making it to the gym after work. 

Part II: Body Bummers

Even though it knows it would feel better with some exercise, your body might protest. Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

I’m too tired!

Well, yes. Today’s sedentary lifestyle is exhausting. Your body gets so used to doing nothing that every little thing is So. Much. Work. Start low and slow—you don’t have to jump right into a marathon! Join a class, turn on a yoga video, or search for a beginner’s workout online, and remember that you can absolutely modify any routine to match your current ability—just remember to up the level as you gain strength and stamina. As an added benefit, regular exercise will improve your sleep at night, giving your more energy during the day.

It hurts!

If muscle soreness is too intense the day after a workout, talk to your health care provider and make sure you’re not overdoing it. Otherwise, exercise can work wonders for pain management by relieving chronic pain, increasing our pain tolerance and decreasing our perception of pain.

Sweating is gross!

It’s actually good for you, but if you can’t stand the thought of breaking a sweat, then try some of these suggestions:

  • Work out inside in the air conditioning.
  • Swim in a non-heated pool.
  • Try a slower-paced workout, like yoga, gentle stretching or Pilates.
  • Work out first thing in the morning, before you shower, to minimize the yuckiness.
  • Exercise in shorter chunks throughout the day to avoid overheating.

I have no coordination/flexibility/endurance!

Guess what—there’s a really good way to improve all of these, and it’s called exercise! In fact, regular exercise strengthens your bones and muscles to help increase flexibility, coordination and balance. It also strengthens your heart and improves circulation to help increase your endurance, and helps your digestive system eliminate waste products that make you feel sluggish.

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