Community Health and Safety Programs

A group of children is sitting in an elementary school classroom listening to their teacher.

“BayCare Kids Power” Classes and Programs  for Schools and Community

These programs, taught by our Wellness and Safety specialists, offer a range of age-appropriate, school-based lessons that encourage and empower children to develop healthy nutrition habits and vital safety skills that improve overall physical and social well-being. Wellness and Safety experts travel to local schools and teach the curriculum to students in the classroom. Each program can also be adapted for playgroups, summer camps, community centers and other out-of-school settings. Teachers and community members can request the classes listed below by submitting a request form at the bottom of the page.

Preschool and Elementary School  

Josh the Otter (PreK-2nd grade)
The purpose of this program is to educate young children with the knowledge of water safety through three main objectives: to never go near water without an adult, to first learn to float and/or swim before going in water, to always swim with a buddy. 

Adventure Into Health (ages 3-5)
Come along with us as we go on an adventure throughout the world learning about proper handwashing, water safety, the importance of daily physical activity, and proper nutrition. This program is designed as a 6 or 7 week program where once a week students will learn about a continent, an animal from that continent and a specific health topic. Students will participate in physical activity along with a song, meet an animal puppet, and listen to a new storybook each week.

I Can Eat a Rainbow* (ages 3-7)
A caterpillar puppet and an interactive storybook introduce young children to the importance of eating a variety of healthy foods that includes at least 5 servings of colorful fruits and vegetables daily. Students will also participate in a rainbow activity to help them group fruits and vegetables by color.   Take home materials includes “Pick Your Plate” activity as well as a “Five a Day the Rainbow Way” tracking chart to encourage lifelong healthy eating.  A parent letter and teacher resource list is also provided to reinforce these concepts. Up to 20 students, 30 minutes per class Germaine the

Germ Thing™ (ages 3-7)
This program teaches the importance of properly washing your hands. This is an interactive program with a story time and children will see their “pretend germs” wash away with an interactive glow light activity. Minimum of 15 children per class with a 2 class minimum, 30-minute class.

Teddy Bear Clinic (ages 4-5)
Pre-kindergarten children will enjoy taking their favorite stuffed friends through a “check-up” as they learn what to expect at their own pre-kindergarten physicals. Immunization requirements for entering kindergarten will be included in take-home materials. Up to 20 students per class, 45-minute class.

Fitopia* (Kindergarten)
Fitopia is a fun, interactive program designed to teach kindergarteners the importance of proper nutrition and being physically active. Up to 20 students, 30 minutes per class

U 1st *(grade 1) 
This classroom program teaches children the importance of taking care of themselves through home safety, bike and pedestrian safety, proper nutrition, and the importance of physical activity. Up to 25 students, 30-45 minutes per class

Get Your Fit On* (grade 2)
GYFO is a fun and interactive program introducing the importance of nutrition and exercise. The goal is to get students excited about their health and begin to make wise choices in their snack and meal preparation (including drinks), how to incorporate daily physical activity, and set family goals for continued success. Up to 20 students, 30-45 minutes per class

Body Safari* (grade 3)
This fun and interactive program takes students on an adventure through the body systems. Students will learn how our organs work together, as well as ways to keep their bodies healthy and safe. Life size organs will be used to discuss function and fun facts about the body. This program includes a fun take home activity book & brain eraser for the student, parent letter and teacher resource list. Up to 25 students, 1 hour per class

Mission Nutrition* (grade 4)
A race car themed program that teaches students how they can best “fuel” their bodies for a long and healthy life. Hands on activities will illustrate how to read and interpret food labels in making informed food choices. The class will conclude by playing a “Fuel up” game where students will apply all they have learned to “win at the race for life”.  This program includes a take home student Fuel Up activity booklet, parent letter and teacher resource list. Up to 25 students, 1 hour per class 

Mission U* (grade 5)
This class teaches students the importance of proper nutrition, daily physical activity, and having a healthy mind.  Students will take an inside look at their circulatory and digestive system using a computerized model to help them understand how the importance of what they eat and daily exercise can affect their bodies. Up to 25 students, 1 hour per class

*Program lessons are designed to be taught one class at a time with up to 6 classes in one school day. We do ask that the classroom teacher stay with the students for the duration of the program class.  

Elementary and Middle School

Safe Routes to School Program
Safe Routes to School Walk & Roll Safety Program is a comprehensive bike and pedestrian safety program offered to elementary and middle schools. Participating students learn the rules of the road through hands-on educational experiences including our traffic skills course and school assemblies.

For more information on our wellness and safety programs call the BayCare Kids Wellness and Safety Center at (813) 615-0589.

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