Urological Services in St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Anthony’s Hospital treats a range of urological conditions, from diagnosis to surgery, for both adults and children. Our urology staff includes physicians, nurses, nurse navigators and expert surgeons, all working together to provide the best possible patient care. Some of the conditions we treat include:

  • Bladder cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Kidney stones
  • Prolapse
  • Male infertility

Noninvasive Therapies 

Patients seeking more conservative treatments for incontinence and other pelvic floor issues  can learn about noninvasive therapies and rehabilitation through BayCare’s Pelvic Health and Wellness program. Ask your physician about a referral to one of our specialists  or one of our rehabilitation centers, including the St. Anthony’s Resource Center Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic. You can also take our free, downloadable and printable Minute Quiz  as the first step in improving your pelvic health.

Minimally-Invasive Urological Procedures

Urologists at St. Anthony’s are well-trained in minimally-invasive techniques, such as robotic-assisted and laparoscopic surgery. The surgical team at St. Anthony’s Hospital Center for Robotic Surgery has performed more than 1,200 robotic-assisted surgeries using the latest technology, such as Firefly™.

Minimally-invasive techniques have far reaching patient benefits such as less pain, faster recovery and few complications. During robotic surgery, your surgeon makes a few small incisions instead of one large one. In some cases, we can perform the surgery with only one incision. Learn more about Single-Site™ robotic surgery.

For more information about our urological services, or for a physician referral, please call (727) 825-1111. You can also find a urologist near you and learn more about urology services at BayCare.