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No More Counting Sheep!

You will spend nearly one-third of your life sleeping.  A sleep disorder can significantly affect both the quality of your sleep and your health.

An estimated 40 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. Sleep disorders lead to sleep deprivation which can wreak havoc in your waking life. It can cause daytime fatigue, poor concentration (and accompanying poor performances on the job or at work), depression, and lapses in memory.

Sleep disorders range from insomnia to apnea – a condition in which the sufferer stops breathing for limited periods during sleep. To see if you or a family member is being affected by a sleep disorder, take this simple sleep evaluation.

If you’re not sleeping as soundly as you would like, or for as long as you’d like, you may suffer from a sleeping disorder. 

Leave the Rest to Us

If you have a sleep disorder, the St. Anthony's Sleep Center can help you find the quality rest you are seeking.  St. Anthony's Sleep Disorders Center is the only sleep clinic in St. Petersburg that is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Sleep disorders are complex conditions that can prove difficult to diagnose. A variety of sleep problems that have similar symptoms. Symptoms such as chronic fatigue and restless sleep can stem from either a sleep disorder or a psychological/emotional illness. That’s why St. Anthony’s Sleep Disorders Center works with your doctor to offer the most advanced diagnostic sleep testing available.

Our "Dream Team"

An overnight sleep study takes place in our deluxe accommodations closely monitored by the St. Anthony's Sleep Disorders Team. The Sleep Disorders Center team, which consists of neurologists, pulmonologists, registered polysomnographers, and technicians, will document your sleep patterns and collect other data to diagnose your condition. Read more information about our Medical Director, Dr. Sams. The team will then compile and analyze the results, develop a personalized treatment plan, and forward this information to your personal physician.

Your sleep disorder may require follow-up help. The physicians at the Sleep Disorders Center can provide that specialized care.

For appointments, call (727) 820-7373. For general sleep disorders questions, call (727) 820-7424.

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