What Kind Of Music Does Baby Like?

New parents often sing or play gentle music to their little ones—and, in fact, music can help babies’ brains grow and develop. But does this hold true for babies still in the womb? And, if so, what kind of music might your baby like to listen to? 

Can babies hear music in the womb? 

We know that babies can hear by about 23 weeks’ gestation; so, yes, your baby will be able to hear music in a few months. When you sing to your baby, that sound is amplified even more as it vibrates and travels throughout your body. 

Can music benefit my baby? 

It’s possible. Studies have shown that babies remember music they heard before they were born—even several months after birth. And, because the brain is growing and developing at an astonishing pace during pregnancy, it’s not a stretch to think that there could be benefits. 

What kind of music is best? 

Your baby isn’t likely to be a discerning music critic while in utero, so don’t stress too much about what type of music you surround yourself with. You might consider these tips: 

  • Your voice is the most familiar to your baby, and the voice that is most easily heard in the womb.  
  • Gentle lullabies or classical music might be more soothing to your baby than loud rock music or heavy metal. 
  • Babies seem to be hard-wired to respond to higher-pitched voices (and we are more likely to speak in a sing-song, higher-pitched “baby” voice when we talk to them). Your baby might prefer a female singing voice or a higher-pitched male voice, rather than deep baritones. 
  • Whatever kind of music helps you relax will, in turn, help your baby to relax. It might not make your baby the next Einstein, but if you enjoy it, then go for it! 

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