Ways to Fight Fatigue


You probably aren’t even showing yet, but you can definitely tell you’re pregnant—the overwhelming feeling of fatigue often overshadows what should be a joyous time. Extra caffeine probably isn’t the best way to energize, so how can you combat the urge to sleep through the next 30 weeks or so? Here are some tips.

1. Try to eat a healthy diet.

It can be hard to eat the foods we know we should, especially when food cravings and aversions battle it out with morning sickness much of the time. Try to eat lots of fruits and veggies, with plenty of lower fat proteins that are high in iron. Stay away from empty carbs like white bread and sugary treats because, while these may give you a quick boost, they lead to sugar crashes that make you feel even worse.

2. Get plenty of sleep, and rest when you need to.

Let’s face it—your body is working really, really hard to grow a new person. You have to give in to the fact that you’re going to need more sleep. A nap (or even two!) during the day can help you keep going, especially if you’re struggling to make it through the workday.

3. Get some exercise, if you can.

We know, exercise is the last thing you want to think about when you can barely keep your eyes open. But it really does help. As long as your doctor says it’s okay, try to get a little exercise every day—say, a 20- to 30-minute walk around the neighborhood. It’s good for both you and baby.

4. But don’t overdo it.

You may not feel like going out in the evenings after work, or cooking dinner, or even staying up to watch a movie on the couch with your significant other. That’s okay. Ask for help with grocery shopping or household chores if you need to, and don’t be afraid to adjust your schedule to accommodate your sagging energy levels.

5. Remember, it’s only temporary.

You’ll probably feel much better in just a few weeks—fatigue usually disappears in the second trimester. So, go ahead: sit back, relax, put your feet up and dream sweet dreams about your growing family.