Early Signs of Pregnancy

Do you know the early signs of pregnancy? Maybe you’ve been trying to conceive and you’re looking for anything that might tell you a baby is on the way—or, maybe your period is late and you’re just thinking about the possibilities. Either way, here are some signs and symptoms to look out for.

Feeling tired

Often one of the very first signs of pregnancy, extreme fatigue could hit you out of nowhere, maybe even before you notice a missed period.

Breast changes

Just a couple of weeks after conception, you might notice your breasts feeling sore, tender or even tingly. They might be slightly swollen, too—just enough so that your bra doesn’t quite fit like it did—and your nipples may become darker.

Late period/spotting

If you’re pregnant, your period might be running late, or you might notice just some light spotting instead of a normal period.


Hormones go wild in early pregnancy and this sometimes causes headaches.

Nausea and/or vomiting

Again, the hormones. Some women start feeling queasy about the time of a missed period—although some women never have to experience the “joys” of morning sickness.

Frequent urination

In the first few weeks, you might feel like you need to pee. All. The. Time. And that feeling might not let up until you give birth—some babies like to tap dance on mom’s bladder!

Mood swings

If you’re feeling crabby, or weepy or irritable, don’t worry—it could just be the baby hormones talking!


You might mistake them for normal menstrual cramps, but cramping early in pregnancy can be triggered by implantation of the embryo and some early stretching of the uterus as it preps for the journey ahead.


Rising progesterone levels can make your belly puffy, and you may be used to that right before your period, anyway. But if the bloat doesn’t go away, and your period doesn’t arrive…

Positive pregnancy test

If you suspect you might be pregnant, you can take a home pregnancy test as soon as you miss your period (check the package of the test you choose to make sure). If it’s positive, you can make an appointment with your doctor to confirm. If it’s negative, but you still don’t get your period after another week has passed, feel free to take another test. Sometimes it just takes a few extra days to give the good news!

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