Brain Buster Workouts

A grandfather and grandson are looking at a tablet device.There are all kind of workouts we can do to stay healthy: arm workouts, chest workouts, leg workouts, even workouts to strengthen hands and ankles. But what about workouts for the brain? While it might not be a muscle like your triceps or calves, it begins to diminish through the years. A 2015 study, quoted by Harvard, suggested that older adults who maintain healthy habits like diet, exercise and socializing maintain or improve their brain function and reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

Here are brain training techniques that may strengthen brain function:

  1. Practice your recall – Try to memorize your grocery or to-do list. An hour later, challenge yourself to see how much you remember.
  2. Start your day with a morning paper – Simple games like Sudoku and word games can be a great way to stimulate your mind first thing in the morning.
  3. Attend classes or lectures – Check your local community libraries, recreation centers or health care centers to see if they hold classes or lectures. Cooking classes, lectures on different cultures or even private lessons to help you learn a new skill may help the brain’s ability to absorb and use new information.
  4. Refine your hand-eye abilities - Take up a new hobby that involves fine-motor skills, such as knitting, drawing, painting, assembling a puzzle, etc.
  5. Take up a new sport or exercise routine - Start doing an athletic exercise that utilizes both mind and body, such as yoga, golf, or tennis. Exercise doesn’t directly affect the brain, but may impact the hormones and blood oxygen levels throughout the body.

If you are experiencing problems with memory, you should speak with your primary care doctor. For more information about memory disorders or for a physician referral, call (888) 906-8935.