BayCare eWound™

At-home patients with non-healing wounds, or wounds caused by traumatic injuries resistant to healing, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, radiation injuries and other conditions can have peace of mind knowing that BayCare's technological advancements provide patients with innovative treatments providing added care.  

How It Works

eWound allows patients to video conference via tablet with a certified wound nurse. Via teleconference, the nurse is able to assess the wounds and make recommendations for care, or determine if an in-person visit is necessary. After the teleconference assessment, the nurse is able to order medication or other care products from a doctor if necessary.

By allowing our certified nurses to see patients remotely, eWound eliminates travel time, providing them with additional time to see more patients. This provides our care team with the ability to reach wound patients in a timely manner, providing faster care. Faster care more often means a better chance of healing and keeping our wound patients more comfortable.

For more information on our eWound program:

(800) 940-5151 (Toll free)
(727) 394-6400 (Local)