Silver Alert

An electronic highway sign showing a Silver AlertIf you have spent any time driving along Florida’s highways, you have probably seen a digital message announcing a Silver Alert. But, what is a Silver Alert?

Started in Pinellas County in 2008 and mandated as state law in 2011, Silver Alert refers to “cognitively impaired individuals who become lost while driving a car or lost while on foot.” Similar to Amber Alerts for missing and endangered children, Silver Alerts spread the message throughout the state alerting citizens and law enforcement agencies.

If a loved one with dementia goes missing, while driving or on foot, call 911. Law enforcement agencies are the only ones able to put a Silver Alert into effect.  

If you are driving and see a Silver Alert on a highway sign, pay attention to the make, model and license plate details on the alert and be aware of the vehicles around you. If you see the vehicle or individual, call 911 to notify law enforcement and let them know the location of the individual or vehicle.

Driving Discussion

Talking to a loved one about driving is not always an easy one, but it is an important one. Prior to the conversation, it is important to prepare yourself with information and possible solutions. Resources are available to aid in your preparation including physicians, lawyers, or social workers. At BayCare, our memory disorders centers are available to provide guidance and information. Our team of highly trained professionals, including neuropsychologists and licensed clinical social workers, are on hand to work with you and your loved one.

For more information or a physician referral, call (888) 906-8935.

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