BayCare to Address Workplace Wellness at Annual Employer Symposium

May 02, 2022


Ongoing challenges and stresses have been affecting the health and wellbeing of the workforce across the country. 

Research shows employees are facing personal, professional and environmental struggles, affecting their overall quality of life and work productivity. 

That’s why BayCare’s 2022 Employer Symposium will place focus on wellness in the workplace. During the virtual event, BayCare will bring together its leaders and local employers to discuss ways to create and maintain a healthy workplace. 

“Family and work stresses, economic struggles, the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing conflicts in the world are affecting our workforce,” Donna St. Louis, vice president of BayCare’s business development. “As a leading health system in the region, our goal is to work with local employers to help address those issues and help improve the health of their employees.” 

BayCare leaders, physicians and team resources experts will discuss overall wellness and how local employers can implement key building blocks for a healthy, strong workplace. Speakers include Dr. Nishant Anand, executive vice president and chief medical officer, Dr. Kirksak Jay Poonkasem, family, hospice and palliative physician, and Kris Betts and Angel Brown, directors for Team Resources. 

During the symposium, Dr. Anand will discuss the current state on COVID-19 and the ongoing health care challenges. Dr. Poonkasem will highlight integrative medicine and how it can help improve one’s overall health, mind, body and spirit through lifestyle modifications. Betts and Brown will help address the great resignation phenomenon and how employers can retain their workforce and build stronger relationships with team members. 

“Good health and well-being are key to a happy and productive workplace,” said St. Louis. “We hope this event will help local employers prioritize the health and wellbeing of their team members and build a healthy and safe workplace.” 

BayCare has worked with employers in the Tampa Bay area for decades to address workplace issues and challenges. Through its Employer Solutions team of experts, the system works with thousands of employers to address issues like mental health and wellness. The team also provides health education and seminars, screenings, nutrition education, fitness evaluations, flu vaccines, COVID-19 information and testing, occupational health and workers’ compensation services.

The 2022 Employer Symposium will be held virtually on Tuesday, May 17, 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. 

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