BayCare Announces First Class of Residents in Pediatrics and Psychiatry

March 23, 2022
BayCare Announces First Class of Residents in Pediatrics and Psychiatry
Alexandria Cummings, DO, celebrates her match into the BayCare's pediatrics residency program with her boyfriend and dog Baxter.


BayCare made history on Match Day 2022 (March 18), welcoming graduating medical students into two new residency programs.

Fourteen newly-minted physicians will continue their graduate medical education  in the fields of pediatrics and psychiatry at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital and Morton Plant North Bay Hospital/North Bay Recovery Center. The programs are the first BayCare Health System ACGME institutional-sponsored programs.  

ACGME is the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, which is the single GME accreditation system for all U.S. residency and fellowship programs.  BayCare received ACGME initial accreditation status in October 2020 and its inaugural residents arrive July 2022. 

BayCare Announces First Class of Residents in Pediatrics and Psychiatry
Jordan Coyner, MD, is excited to match into the pediatrics residency program at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital.


This announcement comes as the nation faces a shortage of physicians, which the American Medical Association says is likely to worsen by pandemic-related rates of early retirement and physician burnout. Nearly 45% of active physicians are 55 or older. 

The good news is most residents that matched into BayCare’s programs have ties to Florida.   The data indicate that residents often stay and practice in cities and towns where they are trained, which is BayCare’s fundamental reason for developing these programs.

“We are excited about the enthusiasm for our residency programs,” said Karen Navarra, BayCare’s director of graduate medical education. “We were flooded with applications because BayCare is a great place to work.  We’re known for providing high-quality health care, investing in our community, and caring for our team members.  We’re also located in the beautiful Tampa Bay area, which offers an enticing lifestyle for the new doctors who train in our community and then hopefully choose to stay.”

BayCare Announces First Class of Residents in Pediatrics and Psychiatry
Adam Brzezinski, MD, who was a medical technician at St. Joseph's Hospital before attending medical school, is excited to rejoin BayCare as a medical resident at BayCare's pediatrics residency program.


BayCare also partners with the University of South Florida for its Morton Plant Hospital Family Medicine and Sports Medicine programs and the Florida State University for its Winter Haven Hospital Family Medicine program.  The university-sponsored programs also did very well in this year’s match, and they will be welcoming 16 new Family Medicine residents and two Sports Medicine fellows into the BayCare Health System.  

For more information about residencies at BayCare, visit Residency Programs at BayCare.


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