BayCare Helps Address Mental Health Among College Students

February 18, 2022
BayCare Helps Address Mental Health Among College Students


Mental health issues are on the rise on college campuses across the country. 

Millions of students struggle with mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, affecting their overall health and wellbeing, according to American Psychological Association.

That’s why BayCare has partnered with 15 colleges across the state of Florida to provide a full range of comprehensive mental health services to help support students’ emotional wellbeing and reduce the stigma with mental health. 

“Good mental health plays an important role in one’s overall success,” said Gail Ryder, vice president of BayCare Behavioral Health. “For that reason, we’re proud to work with college campuses to help students navigate through their mental health concerns and live healthier, happier lives.”  

BayCare Behavioral Health, which has been offering a wide range of mental health and substance use services for children, adults and families for decades across the region, developed the Student Assistance Program in 2009 to provide college students easy, convenient access to mental health services and life management resources. 

The program allows students to connect with licensed professionals on mental health concerns such as anxiety, stress, depression, procrastination, grief, relationship challenges and more. 

“Our collaboration with BayCare has been paramount,” said Kristin Stokes, associate director of campus wellness at Florida Polytechnic University. “It’s been life changing for students to have access to mental health counseling, ask questions and get connected when they need it. It’s truly making a difference in our students’ lives.” 

BayCare Helps Address Mental Health Among College Students
BayCare’s Employer Solutions team recently spent a week at the Florida Polytechnic University to provide flu shots, blood pressure screenings and COVID-19 information on vaccines, safety and offered testing when needed.


Through this program, students receive free and confidential counseling services with licensed clinicians in person or virtually.  Students also can call a dedicated BayCare helpline answered 24/7 by mental health professionals. In addition, students are connected to additional BayCare or community-based resources.

Mental health does not affect just students. That’s why BayCare Behavioral Health has joined forces with BayCare Employer Solutions to address mental health among employees at local companies. Employer Solutions works with thousands of employers in the Tampa Bay area through the Employee Assistance Program to promote health and wellness in the workplace. 

In addition to mental health, BayCare Employer Solutions provides health education and seminars, screenings, nutrition education, fitness evaluations, flu vaccines, COVID-19 information and testing, occupational health and workers’ compensation services.

“Our goal is to work with local companies, including college campuses, to help create a culture of health and wellness,” said Donna St. Louis, vice president of business development at BayCare. “We’re proud to work closely together with our partners to help address mental health and other health concerns affecting students and employees across our communities.”

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