St. Joseph's Hospital-South's Innovative Procedure Used for Heart Monitoring

November 19, 2021
Some members of the St. Joseph's Hospital-South cardiovascular team
Some members of the St. Joseph's Hospital-South cardiovascular team
Riverview, Fla., (November 19, 2021) – St. Joseph’s Hospital-South is performing an innovative, non-surgical procedure that can monitor patients’ pulmonary artery pressure and heart rate outside of the hospital. 

CardioMEMS™ Heart Failure System is a small, FDA-approved, wireless monitoring sensor that is implanted in the pulmonary artery. The pulmonary artery moves blood from the heart to the lungs. The sensor measures lung pressure that increases when the heart becomes too weak and stiff to pump blood effectively and can often detect irregularities before symptoms emerge or are experienced by the patient. 

Patients can take daily sensor readings at home by lying on a special pillow and pressing a button on a home electronics unit. Data readings are then transmitted wirelessly and securely to your heart failure team. The data readings only take a few minutes and there is no pain or sensations during the readings. Implantation of the CardioMEMS does not interfere with a patient’s daily activities or other implanted devices such as a pacemaker or defibrillator. 

By detecting deviations in pulmonary artery pressure before symptoms occur, your heart failure team can determine if further action is needed by managing medications or devising other treatment options. CardioMEMS has shown to be effective in reducing heart failure hospital admissions and readmissions.

The CardioMEMS sensor is about the size of a coin or paper clip
The CardioMEMS sensor is about the size of a coin or paper clip
The sensor is designed to last the lifetime of the patient and does not need leads, batteries or replacement parts. The sensor is about the size of a paper clip or coin.

“St. Joseph’s Hospital-South is utilizing the newest and best medical technology in the cardiovascular space to serve our community with the highest level of care,” said Dr. Christopher Bucciarelli, St. Joseph’s Hospital-South’s chief medical officer.

Learn more about heart and vascular services at St. Joseph’s Hospital-South:

Other BayCare hospitals performing CardioMEMS are St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater and Winter Haven Hospital.

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