Back and Spine Pain - Causes & Treatment

You wrench your back lifting heavy boxes.  You suffer a stiff back or back spasms from standing on a ladder for a long time.  That game of touch football as a weekend warrior leaves you with spine pain.  Or, walking long distances at the theme park causes lower back pain.

You’re having difficulty walking, bending or standing upright and have decreased function and less range of motion. The pain gets worse with movement and you feel muscle contractions in your back and spine.

It’s time to get yourself to a doctor. 

The pain could be caused by muscle spasms or a tear or strain in the muscles and ligaments.

Diagnosing Back and Spine Pain

Your primary care doctor or urgent care provider will do a physical examination. They may recommend a bone scan, CT scan, MRI or X-ray if you show symptoms.

Back and Spine Pain Treatments

Your primary care doctor or urgent care provider may recommend:

  • Rest and reduced activity
  • Ice or heat to the affected area
  • An over-the-counter pain reliever
  • A change in sleeping position or setting a pillow or rolled towel under your knees to alleviate pressure
  • Physical therapy
  • You could be recommended to see an orthopedic or neurological doctor if your pain does not subside over a period of time