If you suffer from a urologic condition and have not found relief through medication or other nonsurgical treatments, then you may be a candidate for surgery.

Robotic Surgery: Urologic Conditions We Treat

Our surgeons treat many urologic conditions, including:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction, a blockage in the area that connects the kidneys to the tubes that move urine to the bladder
  • Bladder and kidney cancer
  • Vesicoureteral reflux, an abnormal flow of urine from the bladder back into the ureters

You may be anxious about facing surgery. With advances in minimally invasive technology, you can rest assured that your doctors will use the least invasive surgical approach possible.

Urologic Robotic Surgery in Tampa, Florida

More and more, surgeons are turning to robotic surgery to perform delicate, highly complex urologic procedures. Robotic surgery offers precision and dexterity not available during a traditional, open surgery.

Robotic surgery is especially popular for urologic surgeries because the operating site is tightly confined and surrounded by nerves affecting urinary and sexual function. With a robotic procedure, your surgeon is better able to operate on the affected area while sparing the delicate and critical surrounding nerves.

Robotic surgery versus traditional surgery:


Traditional Surgery

Robotic Surgery

Incision type

Large, in order to access the affected area

Small multiple incisions

Danger to surrounding organs and nerves

Greater, due to more manipulation of internal structures

Less, due to precision of robotic instruments

Risk of blood loss and infection

Greater, due to larger incision


Recovery period

Longer, more painful compared to robotic

Shorter, with less pain



Greater precision leads to better outcomes

Robotic Procedures We Perform

At St. Joseph’s Hospitals, our expert surgeons are highly experienced in performing these complex urologic procedures. Surgeries we perform include:


A prostatectomy is the removal of all or part of your prostate gland. It is a delicate procedure as nerves affecting your urinary and sexual function surround the prostate. However, a robotic procedure is so precise that your surgeon is able to remove the prostate while sparing the nerves. This enables you to maintain continence and erectile function.

Urinary Obstruction (Pyeloplasty)

If you have a urinary obstruction, your doctor may recommend robotic surgery to treat it. A pyeloplasty removes the blockage in the urinary system. During the surgery, your doctor reattaches the healthy part of the kidney to the healthy part of the ureter (the tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder).

Nephrectomy or Partial Nephrectomy

Nephrectomy refers to the surgical removal of a kidney. You may need a nephrectomy if you suffer from a blockage of the ureters or kidney cancer. The da Vinci® Surgical System for kidney procedures combines the expertise and techniques of an open procedure with a robotic-assisted, minimally invasive approach.